Other Writings

David Freed’s Other Writings

In addition to his work as a newspaper reporter, screenwriter and novelist, David also is a contributor to national publications, among them The Atlantic, where his exposé detailing how the FBI pursued the wrong suspect in a string of anthrax murders was honored by the American Society of Magazine Editors in 2011 as a National Magazine Awards finalist in Feature Writing.


“The Missile Men of North Vietnam”
Air & Space Smithsonian, December 2014


“Crime Pays”
United Airlines Rhapsody magazine, March 2014


Air Boomtown: Gulfstreams and Dassault Falcons crowd the skies over Williston, North Dakota.
Pacific Standard magazine


The pilots and fans dedicated to prolonging the stardom of the venerable Beech 18.
Air & Space Smithsonian


Emissary: Never send a man to do a robot’s mission
Air & Space Smithsonian


California’s Medical Marijuana Morass


The Wrong Man: FBI Anthrax Investigation
The Atlantic


Audio Interview with David Freed regarding FBI anthrax investigation
National Public Radio


News Analysis: LAPD Slow in Coping with Wave of Unrest: Response: But the rapidly unfolding violence might have overwhelmed any police department.
LA Times


Ride-Sharing With the Rich: How Fractional Jet Owners Get Out of Flying Coach
Air & Space Smithsonian


Crime Overloads L.A. Justice System
LA Times


Special Investigations Section: Watching Crime Happen: LAPD’s Secret SIS Unit : Citizens Terrorized as Police Look On

 LA Times


A Glimpse of Hell, Starring James Caan


Dear Ernest and Julio,
St. Martin’s Press