Meet David

Meet David Freed

David was born on an Air Force base in the Deep South, grew up the son of a cop along the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, and decided to give writing a shot soon after realizing that his grade point average would never get him into medical school. As an investigative journalist, most notably with the Los Angeles Times, he counted among his acquaintances con men, commandos, spies, people who get paid to solve homicides, and people who commit them. He chronicled affairs of state, all manner of disasters, both natural and man-made, and the activities of the US military, including Operation Desert Storm, where he reported from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq. He spent myriad hours hunting for smoking guns in dusty archives, meeting confidential sources in bars and parking garages, and digging through trash cans long after midnight. Along the way, he shared in a Pulitzer Prize and won a few other shiny awards that today occupy a box in his attic. He later became a Hollywood screenwriter paid to pen mostly action films that were rarely produced. Later still, he worked extensively as an asset for the U.S. intelligence community. David also is a licensed, instrument-rated pilot.

He is fond of Australian shepherds, good Mexican food, acoustic ballads, power tools, virtually all things with wings, and one spectacularly beautiful clinical psychologist, his wife, Elizabeth, with whom he shares two children and a Spanish-style house overlooking California’s scenic central coast. When he’s not working on the next Cordell Logan mystery, flying his Piper Cherokee, or playing Frisbee with his dog, David can be found teaching writing at Colorado State University, working part-time on his master’s degree at Harvard and, despite his better judgment, following the never ending travails of the Denver Broncos.

Hot Start is his fifth novel.