"Outstanding...Freed pulls off the remarkable feat
of writing an entertaining first-class suspense yarn
while addressing serious political and personal issues
in an even-handed, informed manner."

--Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"A nifty detective story with juicy writing and a very
likeable hero."

--Kurkus Reviews

"The whole story from beginning to end was simply awesome. Everything is so well put together that I found it hard to put the book down until the very end. All in all, this is a fabulous read, and a solid addition to anyone's reading list. I highly recommend not only this book, but the entire series. Go on now. Shoo. Go pick up the first two, and get this one when it comes out in May!"

--Marisol Dunham, Indie Books R Us

More than forty years after their release from the notorious “Hanoi Hilton,” three American prisoners of war return to Vietnam to make peace with their most brutal former captor, a guard whom they’ve dubbed, “Mr. Wonderful.” The U.S. State Department hopes reconciliation will help cement a major trade agreement between Washington and the Vietnamese. But when Mr. Wonderful is found murdered, the three ex-POWs are accused of the crime and the multi-billion dollar deal threatens to unravel. Enter pilot, still-aspiring Buddhist, and former military assassin Cordell Logan.

Working with a newly formed covert intelligence unit that answers directly to the White House, Logan is dispatched to Hanoi to identify the real killer as the trade agreement threatens to implode. What he soon uncovers proves to be a vexing and increasingly dangerous mystery. Who really killed the guard and why? Unlocking the answers will test every ounce of Logan’s ingenuity and resolve, while risking his life as never before.



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David Freed’s Voodoo Ridge:

Voodoo Ridge available now - David Freed's 3rd Cordell Logan Mystery, Voodoo Ridge, now available from Permanent Press

“This is minimalist thriller writing at its best. The words have a lean and hungry look as they lope across the page and chase you on to the emotionally powerful ending. This is a must-read!”

— The San Francisco Book Review

“The tension-packed plot and the fine prose, including well-drawn characters and vivid portraits of the natural landscape, are just what fans have come to expect from this author.”

— Bruce DeSilva, the Associated Press  (read full review)

“Tightly plotted with twists, filled with emotionally charged sequences, it’s a page-turner in the manner that coined the term. Start reading early. It’s hard to put down.”

— Ann Snuggs, Noir Journal

“Freed has a serious surprise in store for the reader this time, and he skillfully builds up to the shocker. The unusual pilot-sleuth premise, the jaunty style, and the genuine suspense combine to make this one a thoroughly entertaining installment in what has become a fine series.”

— Bill Ott, Booklist

“In Freed’s engaging third Cordell Logan mystery (after 2013’s Fangs Out), Logan, a struggling flight instructor and wannabe Buddhist, is trying to forget the skills and memories that he acquired as a government antiterrorist agent. Unfortunately, his sighting of a decades-old plane wreck while flying to Lake Tahoe from his home in Rancho Bonita, Calif., puts him and his fiancée, Savannah, in jeopardy, as the downed plane’s cargo attracts murderous predators. When Savannah is kidnapped, Logan must revert back to his former mindset as a government agent to try to save her…What makes this entry stand out, though, are the settings in the nonglamorous areas around Lake Tahoe and the sharply drawn, oddball supporting characters.”

–Publishers Weekly

“David Freed has written a great cast of characters. All of which you can just see and really feel like they exist. He writes in such a way that you feel isn’t fiction at all but something that is happening while he’s telling you about it. Not only is it serious in parts, but it also has great humor in it too. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes a good mystery.”

–Joanna Lee-Wilson, Reading is a Way of Life

“This novel is not your classic mystery. The days of Conan Doyle and Christie are long past. The modern reader of mysteries expects more grit, suspense, and thrills mixed in with the classic elements of who-done-its or police procedurals—discovering the perp through possibly multiple crimes and may misdirects. Author Freed has delivered, and it’s a fun read.”

–Steve Moore, Book Pleasures

“…An economically told thriller which makes the simplicity of a linear plot a delight to watch. The tension is skillfully maintained as we watch Cordell’s sense of duty collide with his love for his ex-wife. Needless to say, there can only be one outcome. My delight in Voodoo Ridge is not saying I want all my books to be grim, but there does come a point when the endless sunlight of modern fiction becomes tiring and a healthy dose of reality is appreciated. If you enjoy thrillers with a darker edge, this is a superb example of the form and you should snap it up.”

–David Marshall, Thinking About Books

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